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Hungerford Young Person’s Service

Turning Point support young people under 18 years old with any drug or alcohol concerns. We offer a number of services to young people and local services in Westminster which can be tailored to fit the needs of the school and each young person.

We deliver wide range of services as listed below:

Structured brief intervention If a student is experimenting, using socially or at risk of becoming problematic users we offer the following 121 support sessions:

  • Brief Assessment
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Understanding drugs, the law and the consequences of misusing substances
  • Keeping safe
  • Reduction Plan
  • Increasing support networks

Specialist Support: if using substances becomes regular and it is becoming a problem and affecting other aspects of a young person’s life such as school, relationships, finances etc. We offer 1:1 support by a named keyworker over six sessions and then review to explore additional support needs an example of 6 sessions can include:

  • Assessment, risk assessment and Care plan
  • Exploring drug use, triggers and reasons for use
  • General substance information and advice, Harm reduction, reduction and quit plans.
  • Impact of substance use on education, family, mental health etc
  • Exploring healthy relationships and sexual health
  • Exploring support networks, increase diversionary activities
  • Liaising with relevant professionals and signposting to other specialist support
  • Review (either discharge, or further sessions)


Our key-workers will also provide practical support such as escorting young people to other support services and will provide onward referrals to other services.

Over 18’s: Students who are 18 or over we will be offered our adult drug and alcohol services. These offer a range of services including key working, education, training and employment support, as well as medical and mental health assessments.

Family Support: If family members, partners or friends are affected by a young person’s substance misuse, the family support service can offer a confidential space to explore the impact of this and provide tailored sessions.

 Example topics:

  • Understanding of addiction
  • Boundaries and expectations
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Exploring better ways of coping
  • Increasing support networks

We ensure that treatment information remains confidential throughout this process.

Workshops and assemblies in schools

As a holistic service we can provide prevention sessions such as workshops and lectures as well as intensive key work sessions for young people who may require further support around their health and wellbeing.

As a specialist drugs and Alcohol service we are able to combine our wealth of experiences working with young people and our specialist skills and knowledge as a team, to create a service that can deliver key outcomes for young people, but also for schools in relation to the curriculum and other awards such as Healthy Schools and Ofsted.

Although drugs and alcohol work Is a large part of what we do, we also appreciate that a wide range of issues young people face need to be worked on, so young people can feel safe, in control and educated to reduce the chance of them looking to Drugs or Alcohol to escape.

We have therefore developed activities and sessions that cover a much wider remit including:

  • Sexual health, relationships and wellbeing
  • Confidence and self-esteem building
  • Risky behaviours and consequences
  • Peer pressure and saying no
  • Conflict resolution
  • Alcohol and risky situations
  • Substance misuse
  • Smoking
  • Healthy Living

We are extremely flexible on how the sessions are delivered and can work within any parameters that work for you. We aim to support schools, staff and pupils in tailored and discreet way and would like the opportunity to discuss how this may work in Paddington Academy.

Contact us
Hungerford Young Person’s Service
209a Harrow Road
W2 5EH
Telephone: 02072665654
Duty line: 07483335340

Email queries: hungerfordyoungpersonservice@turning-point.co.uk

Borough: City of Westminster

Hungerford Young Person’s Service is constantly trying to improve. We would like to hear back on the services you have found helpful, things that we can improve on or you can provide any suggestions that you may think will help us and other young people we support.

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