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Read about peer mentors and peer mentees and how the scheme has helped them.

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Read about peer mentors and peer mentees and how the scheme has helped them.


A Trainee Peer Mentor:
Jude is currently half way through his training to becoming a Peer Mentor with our London Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service. He had previously been told by friends and family that he’d make a good peer mentor, but was never really sure until now. Jude has found the training programme easy to settle in and is learning a lot at a good pace.

Not only is the programme helping Jude in becoming a Peer mentor, it has also refreshed his way of living:

‘I have learnt to enjoy the moment, which I never used to! Realising the here and now has helped slow my mind and has given me patience.’

He is now also working on his own wellbeing website.

Jude is excited to become a peer mentor and help people understand that recovery is possible and says ‘once you have belief in yourself, you can jump hurdles!’ – Very well said!


What do the peer mentors say?

Dale: I want to say how grateful I am for all the help I received in 2015 with my alcohol problem. The Tri Borough group work programme provides an end-to-end service from Contemplation to After Care, and beyond (I am now engaged in Turning Point’s Peer Mentor training). I was in a bad way, and had long since given up trying to fight any of my problems.  They persuaded me to try and aim for abstinence, and supported me all the while I did so. I know it is down to yourself to change, but you need to be shown why and how. Now I feel as if I am on my way again.

Steven: I’ve really enjoyed completing the peer mentoring training. The course has been informative and engaging and I have been lucky to meet some nice people. Now I’m feeling enthusiastic and hope to have the opportunity to do some volunteering with Turning Point.

Kenroy: Thank you I really enjoy the peer mentioning group I learnt so much and loved the relaxed atmosphere. It was a joy. The people there were great and you was so helpful and patient.”


What do the mentees say?

Peer mentee: Taking part in this project has helped me to remain sober and I wouldn’t be involved in some of the things I am doing now if I hadn’t have taken part. WCP helped build up my confidence which is continuing to improve.

Peer mentee: I enjoyed the project, it gave me a sense of purpose, it’s given me confidence and motivation to get on to courses and I’ve started to look for paid work.

Peer mentee: The project has opened up doors for me, it’s given me a total new look on life. It has been challenging in a good way, I have gained new knowledge and I’ve interacted with new people which has improved my confidence.

Find out more with our peer mentoring FAQs 

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