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Overcoming employment barriers

Louisa* visited our service in 2014. She was struggling with issues around drug and alcohol use. In order to move her life forward, she wanted to become a minicar driver but she could not find the money for a suitable car.

Louisa also had a disabled daughter for whom she had to care for. She needed to find an opportunity for work in order to support herself and her daughter.

After looking into options with minicab companies, she found that opportunities were too prescriptive. The companies required more of her time than she could give and would not end up being a suitable option for her caring commitments.

The team at Westminster assisted Louisa to research working at Uber and found that she could lease a vehicle which would allow her to start driving.

But Lousia hit another hurdle. She needed to place an initial payment. She knew that once she had secured the first month, she could continue to fund the car from the fares. The Turning Point team stepped in again and worked together with the JCP to help Louisa obtain a grant.

18 months later, Louisa has been back to visit the Education, Training & Employment (ETE) team to let them know that she still happily drives for Uber and has managed to remain abstinent from all substances and alcohol.

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*names have been anonymised to protect people’s privacy.

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