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Medway Active Recovery Service

Supporting your recovery every step of the way

Guide to our groups

Medway's guide to groups

Introduction to Change Workshop

The Introduction to Change workshop is a 4 week workshop. This will help clients to get familiar with the service and the treatment options we can provide. Clients will learn about the change process, and develop confidence in making changes with regards to their addiction. They will also meet other people and gain support from your peers.

Recovery Skills Group

The Recovery Skills group will consist of a 2 hour session once a week for thirty six weeks. It will use a variety of media to teach skills, including use of creative projects, film, and games. Group members will have started a Recovery Plan during their comprehensive assessment and this group is intended to teach and encourage practise of skills to help in achievement of these goals


Mindfulness is about learning to live in the present, rather than in the past or imagined future. Another name for mindfulness is ‘awareness’. It is about learning to pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

Pre-detox Workshop

Pre-detox workshop will prepare clients for community alcohol and opiate detox and Recovery Hub Aftercare support, once they are substance free.

Health and Stabilisation Clinic

The Health and Stabilisation clinic is available to all new clients who want recovery focused treatment. Each appointment will last for approximately 1 hour , and will include a consultation with our nurse and doctors. Blood Bourne Virus checks will be offered, as well as linking clients into smoking cessation and sexual health clinics.


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