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I owe my recovery, my job and my very life to them

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I owe my recovery, my job and my very life to them

My name is Craig and I have been a client of Turning Point since it merged with Lifeline in April. Despite the initial and inevitable teething problems, it was remarkable how quickly the new organisation began to function efficiently.

My guess is that this is down to the efforts of one of the most committed and capable drug working teams I have ever been involved with and I’ve been involved with many, in three different cities.

In purely practical terms, the new building is far superior for its intended purpose. The excellent facilities allow the team to deliver a wider breadth and scope of treatment and therapies, everything from massage therapy and acupuncture, to CBT and groups.

My incredible key worker Angela has prepared a care plan with me and had a number of one to one appointments which have been extremely helpful. During these meetings, Angela suggested that I have a joint meeting with her and their staff psychologist Amanda. This has resulted in a program being put in place for me due to my mental health issues.

I have been completely free of street narcotics for almost a year now and I feel that this is exactly the right approach for this point in my recovery. I couldn’t really be much happier with the service. Almost every member of the staff are 100% dedicated to what is an often thankless job and could be earning a great deal more elsewhere. At the end of the day I could sum this up in one statement. They (Turning Point) are the only drug working team that has ever kept me free of street drugs for any significant length of time and I have been involved with dozens over my almost two decades of addiction.

I have continued to reduce on my substitute prescription and I’m close to finishing that. For the first time, it seems realistic that I may have a future. I am not exaggerating, flattering or indulging in hyperbole when I say that I owe my recovery, my job and my very life to them.

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