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Phil's Peer Mentoring

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Phil's Peer Mentoring

Phil was previously a Turning Point service user in Oxford and is now volunteering as a peer mentor to work with other service users on their recovery journey. Listen to Phil’s story:


How has your journey to becoming a peer mentor volunteer been for you?
It’s been a new experience, extremely new! I’ve worked on a building site pretty much since I left school so it’s been extraordinary and very enlightening. It’s been fun as well actually, I’ve met a lot of good people, met good friends and I’ve enjoyed every second.

What does being a peer mentor volunteer mean to you?
It’s the opportunity to help people and show them that you don’t have to drink or take drugs. You can be something else. If they get stuck in a rut, they think “I’m just an alcoholic” and that’s all they will be until the day I die. But we get the chance to show them it’s not true. As a peer mentor with experience we can say look I’m sat here and in two years’ time you could be sat here. Hopefully we will be inspirational.

What are you hoping to bring to your role?
I am bringing my own experiences of course and hopefully a good role model.

Plans for the future?
I want to get paid. I want to be a support worker or recovery worker. I want to do this role and stay on the frontline. I don’t want to work into admin although I understand there will be admin. I don’t want to move away from helping the people themselves. I do get on with people quite easily and it doesn’t take me long to win them over so to speak. Hopefully I will get through to them and they will listen to me!

How have you found the course?
I thought the course was brilliant – it was very comprehensive.

Any particular bits that you really enjoyed?
I like role play! I don’t know if that counts but it was fun! All of it.. Literally, this is useful in the real world. It’s like being reprogrammed slightly!

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