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The sun starts to shine on my life, I’m proud to say I’m 101 days clean from alcohol.

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The sun starts to shine on my life, I’m proud to say I’m 101 days clean from alcohol.

My name is Roberto and I’m an alcoholic. When I realised my addiction to alcohol, I knew I had a big problem on my hands. I knew I needed help because I would not have managed on my own.

After using the services Lifeline, I joined Turning Point where it was easy to settle in because I knew most of the staff. I’d managed to get the same key worker I had at Lifeline, Angela, this was really good because we knew each other quite well and I didn’t need to start all over again with other members of staff. I had just one thing in my head, I’ve had enough of alcohol. I was drinking almost a litre of whisky a day and with the right advice, I managed to reduce this to quarter of a bottle but I wanted it out of my life.

I had started attending groups, listening to suggestions and advice. With my willingness and persistence; I made the choice to follow through cutting out whisky in my life. It was not an easy ride but “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho).

With the help of the medical team specialist, I began my detox on 18th May 2015. I started the medication around 9am and by 1pm I was on the floor surrounded by three paramedics, who’d taken me to the hospital. I was released at the end of the day. Turning Point gave me advice about my situation the next day and I was given new prescription. They started working but took longer as it was supposed to be a 7 days detox but it took 12 days. It was then up to me to continue my detox.

From that day onwards, I started my recovery on my own terms, as life is always about choices; I made the choice not to go back to the same life that I was in. I was still using the groups; I always listen and if I could, I would try to help others. Then it was time to take the next step in life and get a job. With the help of Mark at Aspire Oxford, he helped me put together my CV so I could apply for a job. I did and I am now working in a full time job. I’m just taking it one day at a time, it’s not easy but it is more manageable without the alcohol.

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