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With support of staff and my peers, I was able to stop drinking and work on the issues that were underlying

In the beginning I was drinking a lot. My life had come to a point of complete chaos and devastation. The only thing I lived for was drinking alcohol – I didn’t want to live. I was frequently ending up in the hospital or in a police station and basically I felt no hope. The last time I was in a police station I got referred to the drugs and alcohol services and I thought well I’ll give it a go.

I made the call and made an appointment for an assessment, I felt very scared and was nervous, I was very unsure but I thought I had to do something. I went along to the drugs and alcohol services and met with somebody there and was told that there was a variety of recovery groups I could go to.

I went along to my first group and introduced myself. We had a check in where people talk about what’s happening for them at the moment and how they are feeling. One of the first things I noticed was that I wasn’t alone and other people were suffering and other people had done some of the crazy things I’d done. That felt reassuring. I decided to keep going back to the groups and talking about how I was feeling and decided I really wanted to stop drinking alcohol because it messed my life up so much.

The support of the staff and of my peers in the service, I was able to slowly stop drinking alcohol and work on the issues that were underlying. It has been a tough journey, especially in the beginning where a lot of feelings and emotions came up that have been suppressed through substance misuse.

But through the persistence of the staff and persistence of myself attending the groups, I was able to successfully stop drinking. I have had my ups and downs but I am very pleased to say I am in a good place now. I’ve just completed the peer mentor training – a training course for service users to become peer mentors so we can work at Turning Point. It’s a fantastic opportunity. So I am now doing volunteering in the services and I’m going to get the experience I need to hopefully become a paid worker one day.

For anyone watching, I would like to encourage you to engage with the services, pick up the phone, and give turning point a call. Come along and meet some of the staff and engage in some of these groups. If I can do it, you can do it.

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