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Fresh Foundations Baking Session at Leigh Bank Rehab!

Fresh Foundations is a Turning Point catering enterprise providing a link between fresh food, fresh ideas, independence support and recovery planning.Fresh Foundatiosn Logo

The introduction of the Fresh Foundations cookery sessions at our Leigh Bank Residential Rehabilitation Service has created opportunities for both the residents and staff to take part in the following:

– Introduction to food preparation and hygiene

Healthy eating and meal planning

      – Practical sessions and recipe development

Barbara Freeman, Catering Enterprise Manager first visited Leigh Bank on 15th August 2018 to deliver a introductory session on ‘Fresh Foundations’ and what the sessions have to offer residents during their stay at Leigh Bank whilst also supporting their own personal recovery. During the introductory session the group discussed different foods and what they would like to make during the first cookery session – they agreed on chocolate brownies and shortbread biscuits!

As you can see from the below photos, the first cookery session went really well with every one enjoying making (and tasting) the sweet treats as well as supporting the therapeutic community approach we promote and embed at Leigh Bank. At the end of the session it was agreed that during the next visit they would make homemade soup with crusty rolls and homemade pizzas – we look forward to keeping you updated on future Fresh Foundations sessions at Leigh Bank!

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