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Residential Detox and Rehab

Supporting your recovery every step of the way

About Us

Welcome to Turning Point's Residential Detox and Rehab Wellbeing Cloud.

This site is dedicated to promoting wellbeing and recovery from addiction when you feel ready to take those steps. Turning Point’s Inpatient Detox and Residential Rehabilitation Services are located in the North West of England.  They provide effective person-centred treatment to individuals with drug and alcohol dependency, enabling individuals to move towards abstinence as part of their recovery journey.

In-patient Detox Service

Smithfield is purpose built 22-bed specialist treatment centre located in Manchester City Centre that is accessible to adults who wish to participate in a full physical withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs, and either do not have access to community detoxification programmes or live in such circumstances where a home detoxification without 24-hour support would be unsafe or inappropriate. The service provides Psychosocial Interventions (PSI) alongside a range of medically managed drug and alcohol detoxifications in a clinically safe and supportive environment. All treatment programmes are flexible and tailored to individual needs and outcomes to support a person’s sustained recovery from addiction.

The service can accommodate those with complex and dual needs including pre-diagnosed mental health issues and physical health needs (where they can self-care and mobile independently).


Turning Point has provided CQC-registered Residential Rehabilitation services since 2003, with two facilities across the North West suitable for men and women aged 18-65. The two rehabs operate the same delivery model including a therapeutic community approach, identical psychosocial interventions, ETE, access to external support and aftercare providing a choice of locations offered to the referrer and client. This consistency of approach and the relative geographical proximity of the properties make our offer highly flexible, with a choice of location and facilities that best match client needs.

Both rehabs accept dual diagnosis referrals and individuals with entrenched psychological issues, with facilitated access to external counselling and Community Mental Health Teams bolstering our in-house suite of psychosocial interventions and in-service counsellor. Both services facilitate regular attendance of AA and NA meeting.

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