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Residential Detox and Rehab

Supporting your recovery every step of the way

Get Involved

Following treatment, you may be interested in getting involved in some local volunteering. There are lots of opportunities for this and we would support and encourage you to find the right position.

Smithfield Detox

Smithfield’s Peer Mentor Scheme has provided a goal for the future for many of the service users who attend the service. The scheme provides excellent support in people’s on-going recovery journey and also the opportunity to ‘give something back’ to clients in early recovery.

Smithfield has a dedicated Peer Mentor Lead who runs 4 cohort’s s a year to ensure that there are opportunities for people to develop these skills. At Smithfield, Peer Mentors are positive role models who can use their own experience of treatment and recovery to inspire, motivate and support customers to become substance free. They engage with both staff and customers, shadow support workers during the core group work programme, accompany customers to appointments, meetings, shop runs as well as facilitating any pre-arranged projects such as Art Classes or Inspirational Talks.

Examples of our effective and highly respected peer mentor programme includes:

1) Peer Mentors attend pre-detoxification and community groups in local areas promoting Smithfield; currently we are delivering groups in Tameside and Bradford. They support in scoping what support is available for people on returning to their community and establishing links with community treatment providers.

The Peer Mentors also work alongside the community team to support and encourage people into treatment by providing visible recovery in the community.

2) The accredited Peer Mentoring scheme at Smithfield has a fantastic reputation amongst both service users and commissioners, through which over a hundred ex-service users have graduated. Many have progressed to paid employment both at Smithfield and within the sector.

Ex-service users also return to Smithfield to attend our SMART peer groups twice a week.

Leigh Bank Rehab

Residents at Leigh Bank have access to Smithfield’s Peer Mentor Programme.


Stanfield House Rehab

Stanfield House has established some vital partnerships over the past few years that provide support to our Service Users when taking the transition from their chaotic lifestyles to a more positive outlook on life. These include links with Trades Hall, Cumbria Volunteer Services, Lakes College and Peer Mentoring opportunities.

Find out more about being a peer mentor by reading our peer mentor FAQs.

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