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Residential Detox and Rehab

Supporting your recovery every step of the way

Self Help

These pages provide you with inspiration and information that could help get you started in making positive choices.

Here you can check out how much you drink or link into services to help with quitting smoking or sexual health checks. You can complete a worksheet to help you identify how you feel about your drug/alcohol use and what changes you would like to make, these first steps can provide the base for contacting your local service.

Remember you do not need to tackle addiction alone, it is helpful to talk to someone about how you are doing and perhaps meet people who are going through a similar time or who have made the changes that they want to.

Get in touch for more information.

Smithfield Detox:

Pre-Detoxification Workbook: Smithfield strongly encourages pre-detox work and we have devised our own pre-detox work book for service users to work through with their Recovery Worker prior to detoxification, enabling clear expectations, an insight to their detoxification, what to expect on arrival and during their stay.  Pre-detoxification work also ensures service users can access named staff to meet their specific needs and empowers them to plan their discharge and engagement with community services post-detoxification.

Team Meetings: We will attend team meetings in the community to promote our service and ensure referrers are able to support their service users prior to admission.  Turning Point will also facilitate joint assessments, discharge meetings and pre-detox meetings and will liaise with the referrer about any changes in a service user’s recovery plan or risk assessment once they are in treatment.

Pre-Detoxification Groups: Peer Mentors attend pre-detoxification and community groups in local areas promoting Smithfield; currently we are delivering groups in Tameside and Bradford. They support in scoping what support is available for people on returning to their community and establishing links with community treatment providers. The Peer Mentors also work alongside the community team to support and encourage people into treatment by providing visible recovery in the community.

Leigh Bank & Stanfield House: Preparing for Rehab

If not already in place, we would seek to make contact with both the referrer and the Rehab to arrange an initial meeting to facilitate some regular and on-going rehab preparation work with the customer.

We understand that residential rehab can be an intense and challenging environment and therefore it is important that the customer is well prepared for rehab to reduce disengagement whilst at detox (if applicable) but also later at the rehab. Therefore we would discuss options such as:

  • Taster visits (if appropriate)
  • Peer Mentor support;
  • Completion of any ‘pre-hab’ work that the rehab may offer. (Stanfield House and Leigh Bank)

The aim of the pre-hab work would be to alleviate any concerns/anxieties of the customer and positively reinforce the next step of their treatment journey.

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