• First steps

    The first step is to get in touch, and we will work with you to find out the best kind of support.

    Our services vary hugely from the briefest of interventions and one-off workshops, to counselling and coaching relationships that last a few months. You and a member of the SASH team will discuss what your needs are at your first assessment.

    To access any of our services, head to the referrals page, or give us a call on 020 7851 2955 or email info@sashlondon.org.

  • Care coordination

    Your Care Coordinator will be your first port of call throughout your SASH journey. Their job is to offer you a safe and non-judgemental space that supports you to identify what your needs are, including sexual health, emotional and physical wellbeing, substance use, education, employment or finances.

    After your first assessment, they will connect you with SASH’s other services if required, including counselling, coaching, and complementary therapies. They can also signpost you to other services and organisations should you need them.

    Your Care Coordinator can also offer you some optional one-to-one sessions provide you further opportunity to work towards your goals, enhance your sexual health and relationship confidence, or accompany you to contraceptive and STI screening appointments.

  • Counselling

    One of SASH’s key services is specialist counselling for issues relating to sexual health and wellness. We offer free, time limited, confidential counselling sessions to work towards your individual goals. Our team is made up of experts in psychotherapy and counselling to ensure that you can get the kind of support you need. We offer appointments at times that suit you, across a number of locations.

    Counselling allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and emotions about sex and relationships. Sessions are in a safe and confidential space, without judgement. This can help you become more self-aware and process what might have happened in the past, as well as what is affecting your, present, and potentially your future.

    We offer ‘solution-focused’ counselling, which means exploring your current situation and hopes for the future. Your counsellor will help you to look forward, by using educational, behavioural and psychotherapeutic techniques.

    Our service is for individuals of any age, sexual orientation, gender identity or level of health.

    SASH counselling supports individuals with:

    • Therapeutic exploration of sexual health, reproductive health and wellness
    • Facilitating changes in behaviour relating to your sexual health and wellness
    • Working towards emotional and mental wellbeing goals

    Our ethics

    The counselling team all abide by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical Framework. You can find more information about this here.

  • Coaching

    Our structured coaching sessions give you a time and place to set your own goals for your health and wellbeing. We’ll help you to reflect and make changes to your everyday habits, to create long and lasting change. It is small moves like this which will take you to being a healthier and happier you.

    Sessions will be regular and have clear time boundaries. You decide what you want to work on and your coach will help ensure they are SMART (Specific, Measured, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

    Your coach will give you a dedicated time to check your progress, reflect on successes and challenges and give you ideas to make plans to keep moving forward, helping you to stay motivated,  inspired and on track.

  • Brief interventions

    We offer ‘brief interventions’, which are one-off sessions, including:

    • Workshops and drop-ins for young people in schools and colleges
    • Outreach and education projects in the community to improve sexual health knowledge
    • Signposting to other sexual health services across London for testing, contraception, abortion care and other reproductive health services
    • Supply of condoms for groups who have a greater risk of infection, such as young people and sex workers.
  • Community engagement

    Our community engagement reaches the people and groups who need us most, by going to where they are already.

    We deliver workshops, drop-ins and attend at community events, to make sure that SASH meets the needs of our local residents. We deliver training and talks to community groups and partner services on a range of sexual health issues, such as contraception or sexually transmitted infections. Head here to learn more about the communities we work with.

    Our team goes out in the community to visit sex working flats and male saunas, barbershops and hairdressers, as well as offering regular sessions in youth settings, hostels and libraries We try to be as visible as possible but we like to go where we are needed most, so if you would like a one-off training session or a series of workshops for your community group, contact us.

  • My Turning Point

    My Turning Point is a way for you to get support online.

    You can access different modules that will help you work through your problems. There are different levels of support: unguided, guided and blended.

    • You can access My Turning Point whenever you like for up to 12 months.
    • You can fit treatment around your life.
    • If you have trouble getting in to a service because of work, children, cost, physical or mental health problems, then you can still access effective treatment and get support.
    • This is another option for you. You don’t have to use My Turning Point but it is here if you want to.
    • Gives you more choice over your treatment.

    If you are worried about using My Turning Point because of practical issues such as logging in, and accessing the internet, we can help you with this. There are lots of ways to help you learn how to use a computer or device.

    We offer My Turning Point modules to support you around:

    Mindfulness: this module will look at what is mindfulness, rewards and successes, how can mindfulness help your recovery, what has mindfulness got to do with drug and alcohol use, support networks and managing cravings.

    Understanding My Drinking: this module will help you to improve your knowledge and understanding of your drinking and some of its causes. It will also provide you with a range of tools and techniques that will enable you to make changes to your drinking.

    Reclaim: this module will help you to improve your knowledge and understanding of your drug use and some of its causes. It will also provide you with a range of tools and techniques that will enable you to make changes to your drinking.

    You will also have access to a range of self-help modules you can access at your leisure covering specific substances as well as modules on building your self-esteem, quitting smoking and relaxation.

    Contact the service to find out more or speak to a member of staff.

Working Together

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