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Guide to our groups

Find information on our evidenced based psychosocial interventions below. For group timetables please visit the hub pages. Check our social media pages for the latest updates.

Introduction to Treatment This one session is the first step after people have been referred/enquired about engaging in treatment. Our team will talk to potential service users about can be expected from treatment, the options available and what is expected from the service user. This is a good opportunity to ask us any questions you may have about treatment services. The session will last for approximately 30 minutes. This is a closed information group by invitation only and there will be a maximum of 10 people, who, like you are thinking they may want to access treatment. Once you have attended this session you will decide if you wish to proceed with treatment and will then be offered an assessment.


Introduction to Change – for anyone new to treatment or those not quite ready to engage with structured support.

This is a group programme that encourages you to explore motivation to change and supports the introduction to substitute prescribing (scripting) which can be offered as part of your treatment. This aims to improve your confidence to make decisions about your substance use. The group will consist of a 90 minute session, once a week for four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, you will have more information about the change process in general, helping you to decide on your treatment goal.

Reclaim – Supports clients using non-opiate substances e.g cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine etc. who are considering making changes in their use.

You may already be committed to making changes and needing some skills to be able to do so. The sessions are set up as being a blend of monitoring use, exploring change and promoting harm reduction. The emphasis here from the beginning is on you taking on responsibility for your own behaviour change encouraging you to utilise our on-line service with support from the service to get started or feel more confident. This group runs for two hour sessions each week for seven weeks.

Alcohol and Wellbeing – A group specifically focusing on alcohol use which helps you to explore the reasons behind your drinking and find different ways of coping.

This is an informal group which aims to build peer support as well as increase your knowledge and understanding around alcohol. It will enable you to make choices around making changes to your drinking whether that be reduction to safe levels or abstinence. It is a 7 week rolling programme so you can join at any time. The group runs for two hours every week.

Reduced Drinking – This group program has been designed for clients who are using alcohol in a problematic or dependent way.

The objective of this group is for clients to understand more about their drinking, and learn how to manage this with a view to reduce their drinking. If drinking very large quantities of alcohol and/or if you have complex needs you may use the group to assist you to reduce sufficiently in order to work towards a community or in-patient alcohol detox. The alternative is that you may wish to use the group to reduce alcohol use slowly and then move on to the final ‘Alcohol and well-being’ group –please see details above. The reduced drinking group is a rolling group so you can join at any time. The sessions are two hours long each week and run over seven weeks.

Recovery Skills – This group is aimed at opiate clients new to treatment or those who may be using regularly.

This programme builds upon Introduction to Change. It looks in more detail at the change process and helps you to set goals, develop coping strategies and support networks which can help you move forward with your recovery journey. This programme is delivered in a variety of ways including creative projects, film and games as we are that individuals learn in different ways. This group runs two hour sessions each week over twelve weeks.

Mindfulness – Aimed at clients who have stopped drinking/ using illicit substances, but may be prescribed substitute medication.

Another name for mindfulness is ‘awareness’. Mindfulness is about learning to live in the present, rather than in the past or an imagined future. Being mindful has two main effects: it makes you more aware of emotions or cravings coming up that need attending to, which makes slips and lapses less likely. Also, mindfulness has proven effects for helping you to deal with stresses and can make you less depressed and anxious. You will get the most from this programme if you take some time to practice some of the techniques outside of the group. You will be given a CD containing mindfulness exercises to help you with this. This group runs for two hour sessions each week over eight weeks.

Moving Forwards – This group is aimed at people who are currently prescribed Opioid Substitution treatment i.e. Methadone, and not continuing to take any illicit substances or drinking alcohol in a problematic way.

The group is for people who have achieved stabilisation on prescription and are now thinking about detoxing off of their prescription, but want some advice and support. This group last for 8 weeks,  during the first two weeks attendee’s are supported to explore whether a detox is right for them, and if they decide to go ahead, an appointment with a prescriber is arranged to plan a reduction rate that works for them, and they would then continue to attend the group for support.

5 STEP FAMILY GROUP – This group is for family members or concerned others of people who have substance misuse issues.

There are five sessions at weekly intervals, each session is up to two hours with a  short break in the middle. This group is a closed group meaning people are assessed and invited, and not a drop in to join at any point throughout a session cycle. This group is not usually held at our main offices, but is located in a community venue.

SBNT (Social Behavioural Network Therapy)

SBNT is currently offered as a pilot within our IMPACT service. For the purposes of the pilot, SBNT is delivered to service users on the dependent alcohol pathway. The intervention is specifically delivered to the service user and their social network (e.g. family members, friends, partners). The aim is to mobilise and / or develop the service user’s social support for a positive change in their drinking. It also aims to help significant others to cope with the service user’s drinking behaviour’s and to support the client to abstain from drinking, and to maintain recovery. SBNT is a manualised intervention consisting of 8 sessions.

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  • Recovery Skills

    Check back soon for more information about the groups we have available.

    Aimed at those who have started to take control of their use and are using less often.

We are currently providing limited face to face support as a result of COVID-19; however treatment is still available. Find out the latest update on how the service is operating and please phone your local hub if you need assistance.

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