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My name is Marie* and I am 35 years old.  I am one of six siblings and five of us have had addiction issues at some point in our lives. My father was an alcoholic who beat my mother and often left us without money for food.

My substance misuse started when I was 9 years old.  I sniffed glue, aerosols, and smoked cannabis.  I was in and out of care homes because my behaviour was outrageous and my mother could not cope.

By the time I was 15 I had a daily habit of taking drugs and drinking.  I soon found myself  on the streets of London selling myself, and that is when I started to take  heroin and a huge number of painkillers.

My addiction was my life and I lost my sanity, myself, my soul.  I attempted to kill myself on numerous occasions.  And then, in 2003, I was raped and that was game over.  I had no more fight in me.  I went to rehab.

There was no ‘first time a winner’ for me. But, after a relapse I went to Turning Point.  All of the staff were amazing, and helped me to get back on track. I went to groups, learnt more about how to cope with life, and with myself.

After I finished treatment, I became a peer mentor, and I have found this to be a massive help in my recovery. Turning Point is now my family. I never thought that my life could be filled with so much kindness and love.

My relationships with my family are healed now.  I am in a relationship (and have been for 4 years) and I am expecting a baby boy.



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