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My life is now well rounded and I love what I am doing.

Following twenty years of being addicted to Heroin and Methadone and then by Subutex and Diazepam, I was constantly trying and failing to get drug free.

I attempted several detoxes and two residential rehabs but continued to relapse again and again. Each time I relapsed Turning Point accepted me back into treatment even after being in and out of prescribing with them and other organisations.

In June 2014 I nearly lost everything and sunk into an all-time low; no family, no job, and nearly lost my home and my daughter.

I realised then I had hit my ‘rock bottom.’ From this point I knew I could no longer just get clean and go back to nothing, something had to change – recover properly and change my whole life.

My worker at Turning Point supported me in restarting a daily prescription and after two months of encouragement and the walk of shame to the chemist daily, I started my detox on the 1st September 2014. I had fantastic support from my keyworkers and nurses at the Castleford Hub and by day eighteen of my detox, I could feel my strength and courage coming back.

When I saw my keyworker he advised me to engage in aftercare at Wakefield Accord Recovery Centre, which is now known as Get Connected. At this time I had very little confidence when I first started in October, hardly talking to people as I had lost a lot of thinking and communication skills through long term Diazepam and Subutex abuse.

The Recovery Workers at Get Connected continuously supported and motivated me to get the best out of my time there. I engaged in the live training environment at Socialicious Café, undertaking qualifications, making friends in recovery and moving on to peer mentoring. Slowly but surely my life was taking shape in a new direction that I felt very privileged and grateful.

Thanks to Turning Point and their constant belief in me. This led me to want to give something back as a Peer Mentor, showing people struggling with addiction that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. From this I have gone on to gain four qualifications in adult education, Health and Social Care, Maths, English and Counselling. I am now working part time as a care worker in a Dementia residential home.

My relationship is back with my daughter and social services are not involved.  My family are inspired by my positive attitude. My life is now well rounded and I love what I am doing.

It has taken a lot of work for transformation and a journey of self-discovery but two years down the line I am happy with how far I have come and the amazing help I’d received from my keyworkers, support workers and recovery workers, they played a massive part in my recovery.

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