There has been a lot of information in the news about a virus called Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. To try and reduce how many people are becoming ill, we are changing how we support individuals with Learning Disabilities and Autism.

How can we offer support?

At this time we are avoiding meeting face to face. This is because we do not want the virus to spread. We will continue to offer 1:1 support but this will be done by speaking to us over the phone or by email.

If you are in self-isolation and need someone to speak to, our Wellbeing Community Navigators are happy to speak with you. We can offer support or refer you to another
organisation who can help.

If you think you have symptoms, can’t get through to NHS 111, or are not sure what to
do, we can help guide you through the online screening as recommended by the NHS.

Contact us

Service Manager: Dan Jhutti 07484 503644
Wellbeing Community navigators:
Blaise Short 07484 503646
Michael Slater 07423 439718
Georgina Deanie 07484 503647


Download this information (pdf) –¬†view here

Easy-read guide to looking after your mental health while social distancing or during self-isolation –¬†view here

Easy-read guide to social distancing and self-isolation – view here