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Covid-19 Updates
Find out how we’re responding to the challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to read more and for the latest updates.

Our Services

Welcome to the Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service (DAWS). If you need help, or want to find out more, contact the team on 0330 303 8080 or daws@turning-point.co.uk

To learn more about how we work, keep reading.

We’re here to help you to address your drug or alcohol use, through one to one or group sessions. You can work with us for as long as you need. We are based in a number of locations, so you know you can find support at a place that suits you. Our team has a range of backgrounds, so whether you need emotional support or medical help – or a combination of the two – you can get the help you need to address your substance use.

We can support you to quit, cut down, or manage your drinking or drug use: what happens is up to you. For some, a reduction in substance use is the goal, but for very many who find that their lives have become out of control, long term abstinence is the chosen goal.

Different people have different needs, which is why everyone who comes through our door gets their own unique service. Most people who get in touch with DAWS will have a journey that looks something like this:

  • After you contact us, you’ll come along to a confidential one to one appointment, where we will assess your needs, giving you the opportunity to reflect on and explore the impact alcohol or drugs have had on your life so far.
  • We identify what your own strengths and goals are, and build your plan around them.
  • If it’s appropriate for you, you’ll be supported by a doctor, nurse, counsellor, or psychologist. We provide a range of evidence-based treatments and medication as well as inpatient services and treatment. For those who have less severe needs, or who want to be seen outside of working hours, services like the Resolution Clinic might suit you better.
  • You can get support for a huge range of issues and needs – this could be counselling; family support; help to find education, training or employment; or access to peer support groups. We can also provide access to a range of community, health, and wellbeing activities.
  • There’s no time limit. Support is tailored to your needs, and is finished when you feel ready to cope without us. You might work with DAWS for anything from a one-off session to an ongoing relationship that will last for weeks or months.

Working with your GP

We work in GP surgeries to ensure that you get the right medical and emotional support for your needs. This could include assessment and onward referrals for a community alcohol detox. While your GP will provide opioid substitute prescribing, we can support this by offering a range of support which includes one-to-one sessions, and referrals on for counselling, education, training and employment (ETE), and family and carers’ support. We will work together with the GPs and nurses to create your personalised care plan.

Harm reduction

Not all of our clients find they are ready to stop using drugs or alcohol completely. If this is the case, we can help you to stay as safe as possible and minimise risks to yourself and others. We call this ‘harm reduction’.

Getting access to clean needles and other equipment is essential for safe drug use and our ‘needle exchange’ services offer free kit including: syringes, cups, swabs, condoms and more. You can just come in and pick up what you need, but if you want to chat to one of our team they will be on hand to give you confidential advice. We also dispose of used needles and syringes safely.

We also offer free Naloxone kits which can reverse a heroin overdose and HIV, hepatitis C and B testing.

Refer yourself or someone else

We are currently providing limited face to face support as a result of COVID-19; however treatment is still available. Find out the latest update on how the service is operating and please phone your local hub if you need assistance.

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