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Being a service user rep

How do you feel about being a service user representative?

Being a service user rep gives me a way to use my lived experiences to give back to the community. Having been through the recovery process myself, it gives me first hand experience that can help to engage service users. A person who has experienced drug addiction and the recovery process first hand will always have better insight than someone who hasn’t. They’d be better able at being able to relate to and understand what that person is going through. From this understanding will come compassion and support that is needed.

How does this help your recovery?

For me personally, helping those less fortunate has a very huge significance in my life. Depression has played a big part in my life and helping others has always lifted me from it. Being able to help other people is a privilege that is very dear to me. People in the recovery process have low self-esteem because of how their behavior may have affected others.Being misunderstood all my life by society and the people around me has had a huge impact on how I’ve dealt with things. My response to those around me has had a negative impact; so in order to turn things around, I can be one of those people who was there for the misunderstood.

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