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Stories of our users

Today I am alcohol free for the longest period ever in my life, living life to the best of my ability.

We are proud to go out of our way to help our users back to a full recovery. Here are some of our recent accounts:


  • I drank 2.5 bottles of wine daily and usually Vodka on top. I was merely existing. I came to Turning point broken and scared not knowing where to turn and if I was able to be helped. After initially, not liking my caseworker I started listening. It turns out I didn’t like him because he was telling me things I didn’t want to hear. I started attending appointments and learned tools of how to reduce drinking and cope with urges and cravings. I started attending groups and went to detox. After detox I continued attending groups at Dear Albert. Today I am alcohol free for the longest period ever in my life, living life to the best of my ability.



  • I was informed about the Turning Point service while in Leicester Royal Infirmary by one the Recover Workers who works there, after taking an overdose. I had been drinking for 11 years and have been admitted to the Bradgate Mental Health unit on 3 occasions and nothing helped me, until I came to Turning Point. I have now been abstinent from alcohol for 12 weeks. I have recently had a health scare and where I would have reverted to alcohol use, I have instead turned to the lessons I learnt from the group work programme. I have learned to deal with the reason for my drinking. I could not have achieved this without Turning Point.


  • I referred to Turning Point hoping they could help me due to my long term and entrenched history of cannabis use. I had been using for numerous years and would start smoking in the morning and smoke until the early hours. I was assessed and allocated to a RW. I was offered a number of appointments which I attended and found the sessions extremely useful as we focused on triggers, cravings, reasons for use etc. We also worked on reduction and avoidance techniques and strategies. The final few sessions were very much focused on re-programing my thinking and moving away from what I knew as auto pilot and reverting to Cannabis use. I was eventually able to stop using Cannabis altogether, which is something I never thought I would achieve and have sustained this.


  • I have been involved with drug services in Leicester for a number of years. Due to previous negative experiences of the hostels I have chosen to live on the streets. I have recently started to run a ‘book club’ for other homeless people from at a local library in the city. This is fully supported from the library and the book club serves as a meet up whereby people can bring food to share. I have recently sealed a sponsorship with Penguin Books where they send me an allowance every month and some books to review for them.  I also have a sponsor who helps me to structure my writing as I am now writing a book of my experiences of substance abuse and living on the streets. The Library Staff type up my blog for me every week and I get paper and pens from local shops who know me well and what I am doing. I am still in treatment with Turning Point and like seeing my RW feel supported by the service. I am currently in the process of applying for detox and residential rehab so I can continue with my writing career.


  • I came into treatment as a dependent drinker and wanted to make changes and break away from the dependency. I was regularly self-harming and once stabbed myself in the stomach which required a lot of treatment and still causes on-going issues. As well as this I attempted to overdose on numerous occasions and on one occasion I attempted an overdose and presented at the Turning Point office. I was immediately attended to by the medical team at the office and an ambulance was called. I was reluctant to go so my Recovery Worker offered to go along with me to offer support so I agreed. Following my hospital admission, I worked with my RW to create a self-harm plan which I have referred to on numerous occasions and has helped me. I have not self-harmed or attempted suicide for many months. I was then referred to the alcohol and wellbeing course. I gradually reduced my alcohol intake and I am now abstinent and my application and funding for residential rehabilitation has been approved and I am working with the service to find the most suitable placement.

We are currently providing limited face to face support as a result of COVID-19; however treatment is still available. Find out the latest update on how the service is operating and please phone your local hub if you need assistance.

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