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Medway Active Recovery Service

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Covid-19 Updates
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Guide to our groups

Medway's guide to groups

Alcohol and Wellbeing

This programme is designed to help you understand more about alcohol and its effects. It helps you to explore your drinking patterns and offers support and advice for cutting down or stopping altogether. We offer two alcohol groups; your suitability for either will depend upon how much you are drinking. Both groups consist of seven to eight weekly workshop sessions.



Reclaim is designed to support people who are using a range of substances, other than heroin or crack cocaine and want to make changes in their use. It can help you develop skills and commitment for making positive changes. The programme is made up of an initial 1-1 session followed by six weekly workshop sessions.


Recovery Skills

This programme is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and looks in more detail at the change process. It can help you develop coping strategies and support networks, to enable you to move forward with your recovery. ACT can also be an effective support for anxiety and low mood. This programme consists of twelve weekly workshop sessions.

Aimed at those who have started to take control of their use and are using less often.


Introduction to change

This programme is aimed at those who are using drugs and may not have accessed treatment services or groups in the past, or maybe unsure of the changes they want to make regarding their drug use. The sessions focus upon motivation and behaviour change to encourage you to make positive steps toward recovery. This programme contains six weekly workshop sessions.

This group is aimed at clients new to treatment or those who may be using regularly.


Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness is about learning to live in the present, rather than in the past or an imagined future. Being mindful can increase awareness of your emotions and can support you to manage cravings, which can makes slips and lapses less likely. This programme can teach you how mindfulness can be applied to your goals for treatment and your ongoing recovery. It is delivered in eight weekly workshop sessions.

Aimed at clients who have stopped drinking/ using illicit substances, but may be prescribed substitute medication.


Intuitive RecoveryTM

Intuitive RecoveryTM   is now working with the Medway Active Recovery Service to support clients in achieving recovery.

Intuitive Recovery is a four day accredited educational programme that promotes abstinence as achievable and easy to maintain. The workshop provides skills and tools to recognise and control addictive desires and to take responsibility for choices and behaviours.

Essentially, Intuitive Recovery sees using as a choice, a learnt predictable response to previous using behaviour and as such it is a sign of health. The endless inner debate the ‘shall I shan’t I’, ‘will I won’t I’, ‘can I can’t I’, is merely the by-product of your previous use.

Visit the Intuitive Recovery Website for more information

We are currently providing limited face to face support as a result of COVID-19; however treatment is still available. Find out the latest update on how the service is operating and please phone your local hub if you need assistance.

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