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Don’t Mess with Manchester Litter Pick Campaign


Westcliffe House staff and residents were extremely proud to get involved with litter pick campaign on Friday 21 June, in joint partnership with Guinness and Rochdale Borough Council, as part of BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Don’t Mess with Manchester!’, which called on local residents to volunteer to pick up litter to help keep their neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

Around 6 weeks ago, on arriving at work, Julian Cohen, Community Development Worker at Turning Point, decided that the three large refuse bins looked very untidy right in front of the entrance to the building.

“I quickly rang up the refuse department of the local council asking for brand new recycling bins and have tailored-made sheds built for them. Much to my surprise, the neighbourhood officer from our landlord Guinness partnership, Nicola Clarke, and Andrew Ogden, Recycling Improvement and Participation Officer for Rochdale Borough Council, both came to discuss a way forward,” he says.

“Unfortunately, they could not transform the way litter was stored on the leafy estate by Westcliffe House. Andrew mentioned about perhaps looking at a special day in the future to promote recycling. He offered to move our bins to the other side of the car park, away from the domestic buildings.”

On the 14th June, Nicola and Andrew came back to Westcliffe House and mentioned the very exciting litter pick campaign. After only a few days, it was all set up.

Rochdale Council pulled out all the stops; Nicola from Guinness, along with her trusty neighbourhood team, arrived with great gusto, ready to get stuck in with our grand litter pick. Westcliffe House residents and staff did the same, even at short notice. Even the Guinness landscape gardening team got stuck in!

“It was a great event. It made those involved think about recycling, about waste disposal and about looking at ways of keeping the estate clean and tidy. I have noticed that one of the residents now just naturally picks up litter as a personal choice. Also, it was a great way of walking round the cul-de-sac to get the chance to talk to other people who live on the estate. It was a great way of “connecting” parts of the five ways to wellbeing. I, for one, will remember today, as events like this develop and bring communities together. They focus on an area’s assets rather than its deficits. Turning Point always likes to promote positive behaviours, pro-social modelling and community integration. Hopefully Westcliffe will be part of more events like this and demonstrate active visible/contagious recovery.”


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