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Covid-19 Updates
Find out how we’re responding to the challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to read more and for the latest updates.

Criminal Justice Service

Our Criminal Justice Services (CJS) provides access to tailored support for individuals who are arrested, seen at court, referred by other Criminal Justice Services (ie police, probation) or referred from prison. CJS is available at each of the three hubs.

Wakefield Criminal Justice Services deliver three key services across the district:

  1. Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR)– a Community based Court Sentence, designed to deliver coercive treatment to predominantly ‘dependent’ drinkers specifically aiming to tackle levels of alcohol consumption and reduce alcohol related crime.
  2. Drug Rehabilitation requirement (DRR)– a Community based Court Sentence, designed to support drug users who appear before the court for offences which have resulted from their use of class A Drugs and;
  3. Drug Intervention Programme (DIP)– is a 16 week treatment intervention for individuals with a Class A drug problem that are engaged via the criminal justice system.  You may be referred to us if;
  • You have been arrested and taken through the police custody suite
  • You have been drug tested by the police and following a positive result have been given an appointment to with us
  • You have been given Restrictions on Bail (ROB) condition at court
  • You are due to be released from prison and need continued support for your drug problem
  • If you require support and are already engaged in the criminal justice service i.e. with probation.

For any of the Criminal Justice pathways, you will be expected to engage on programme of activities designed specifically to support you to reduce your alcohol intake and/or address your illicit drug use.  Inspiring Recovery will work alongside all services involved in your care programme who will be supporting you to refrain from criminal activity.

For more information please call 0300 123 1912 or email Wakefield-IR@turning-point.co.uk.

We are currently providing limited face to face support as a result of COVID-19; however treatment is still available. Find out the latest update on how the service is operating and please phone your local hub if you need assistance.

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